Zaina by CtoK

Christmassy Baubles, White on Blue - Papier Mache Christmas Decorations Set of 5

Rs. 1,000

Christmas trees and balls go hand in hand. Hanging those pretty little balls in various colours is such good fun! Our Christmas balls have the added advantage of being made with handcrafted papier-mache and hand-painted by talented naqqashi painters from Kashmir.

These Christmas balls come in a set of five balls in Christmassy colour combinations. This one is has white trees painted on blue balls. Make your tree look simply gorgeous with these little baubles.

All Zaina by CtoK products are handcrafted with love from Kashmir. No two products will be exact replicas and variations are natural to the handcrafting process.

Material: Papier Mache or Sakhta

Size: 3" dia

Care: Wipe with a moist cloth if necessary

Shipping: The product will be packed and dispatched from our office within 3 working days

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