Zaina by CtoK

Verdant Green Hand Embroidered Wool Chainstitch Rug

Rs. 11,000

Verdant green floor covering from Kashmir with rust coloured flowers. Hand embroidered carefully on a cotton base using woolen threads, this lovely looking rug adds a dash of drama to your living space. The rug can also be used as a wall hanging.

The embroidery is done by talented artisans using the Kashmiri chain stitch. The design elements are inspired by the local flora of Kashmir. Each rug has an unbelievable 2,15,000 stitches made by hand!

All Zaina by CtoK products are handcrafted with love from Kashmir. No two products will be exact replicas as variations are natural to the handcrafting process.

Size: 3 ft x 5 ft

Material: Cotton and Wool

Care: Dry clean only

Shipping: The product will be packed and dispatched from our office within 3-4 working days. Shipment within India is complimentary.

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