Six Simple Room Makeover Ideas That Make a Big Difference

Our home is where we are most comfortable. Our heart sings a happy song every time we spend time in our private space. This has become even more relevant since the start of the pandemic when we have been spending all our time in our home. It is now imperative that this space makes us feel the most comfortable.

Room Makeover Ideas

The key to de-stressing, unwinding, and relaxing in our home is to arrange our space in the way that gives us most pleasure. But sometimes, even the best organized and decorated room needs a little makeover to give it a fresh look. After all, if we are looking at the same decor day in and day out, chances are it doesn’t look as fresh and beautiful as the first time we saw it. 

So are there little changes that you can make to your home that can transform a room? You bet, there are. Zaina by CtoK shares with you a few of the secrets.

1. The Comfort of Cushions 

One of the most striking powers that we have is the power of colours. The use of colours in various ways can make a big difference to a room. For example, if your furniture is neutral coloured, bright floral patterned cushion covers can really liven up the look, not to mention add comfort to your seating. If you want to go for a slightly more matt finish, the use of a different texture can help. Like cushion covers where the embroidery is done use wool instead of silk. The colours are just as vivid, but the overall look is more muted. 

Comfort of Cushions

Just with the addition of bright cushions in varied sizes, it’s possible to transform your room into a cheerful haven. It adds character to an otherwise staid decor and a certain vibrancy to the atmosphere. The same cushions if placed strategically in our reading nook can add a colour and comfort to our very own space. 

2. Revel in Rugs 

Revel in Rugs

The addition of rugs is something that can really add a lot to the décor of a room. Rugs are easily the most beautiful way to give your floor a good facelift. They also have the ability to highlight or complement a piece of furniture like a couch or a bed or a sofa. Your own cozy corner where you snuggle up with a book or where you prefer to meditate quietly, can really benefit with a rug to make it so much more cheerful.

Various looks can be achieved with different types of rugs. 

Floral Rugs

Floral Rugs

These hand embroidered rugs can make a great splash of colour in your living room. The trick is to pick one or two vibrant colours in the rug and have another element in the room that reflects these colours. For example, some cushions or curtains, or planters.

Namda Rugs

Namda Rugs

Picture Credits: Rukmini Ray Kadam | Instagram: @trumatter

These warm felted woolen rugs give your space a classy, contemporary, and elegant look. Bright tones on the furniture in a room will bring out the muted beauty of a Namda rug.They are also warm under your feet in cold winter evenings, keeping you cosy and comfortable. 

3. Framed Moments

Framed Moments

Nothing draws the attention of guests in your home more than your family pictures that have been displayed proudly. Our specially designed photo frames are a great way to provide striking accent pieces in your living space. If you can colour coordinate the photo frames with another smaller accessory around the room, this really works well. Like a pot on the center table or a vase on one of the side tables or even the patterns on your curtains.

4. Pretty Platter on Your Walls

Pretty Platter

Displaying small sized art on your walls is another way that you can change the look of your room. Add an old-world charm by putting up wall plates in your living room or bed room. They are sure to make your walls come alive with their quaint beauty. Hand painted on a papier mache plate, the motifs on these plates bring the flowers of Kashmir straight to your home. 

6. Light it up

Light it up

An important aspect of any space is light. So, make sure you pay attention to the lighting of a room. It should be dependent on the occasion – for example, your dinner guests may appreciate warm yellow lights. Or if you need to create a spotlight for a specific wall, recessed lighting can be used on the ceiling. Sometimes to highlight a painting or a family picture on one of the walls, you can have special lighting that bathes that particular wall with light.  

7. Go a Little Green

Go Green

Indoor plants help in bringing some life into your home. They also really help purify the air inside so much better than mechanical air purifiers. What could really make a huge difference is if one of the shades of colours from your cushions or your rugs match the leaves or flowers of the plant that you pick.

For example, the Tradescantia Zebrina or the Wandering Jew plant has leaves that are green and purple. This goes well with the floral-patterned cushion covers with multi-hued flowers including shades of purple.

Once the individual elements are chosen, the next step is finding the right combination of placing them around your space. A good idea would be to use a similar pattern on two different accessories - for example: your rug and your cushion covers. They bring harmony to your décor. But do make sure that there are one or two grounding tones in each that pull the patterns together. 

This works well with contrasting patterns as well. Suppose you have a Namda rug in pale grey with black brown and beige diamonds that creates a colour palette that is muted. If you add hand embroidered cushions with some brown in the pattern or even beige, all the colours make a great combination and the décor comes together well. 

Sometimes just moving things around and adding a few small accessories in the right place can make a remarkable difference to your home, making it more welcoming and contemporary. 

So, wait no more. Start small but do start embracing small changes to your décor and feel how joyful and transformative the experience can be. 


Written by Supriya Subramanian for Zaina by CtoK

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