Zaina by CtoK Gift Card

Zaina by CtoK

Zaina by CtoK Gift Card

Rs. 2,000
Choosing a gift for someone but not sure what they'll like best? How about the gift of choice with a Zaina by CtoK gift card? With a range of gorgeous, handcrafted Kashmiri delights, they'll certainly have a lovely time choosing. 

All you need to do is select an amount that you want to gift and your gift card with instructions to redeem the same will be delivered by email to a person of your choice right away.  

Valid for 6 months from the date of purchase.

Kashmiri Handicraft Collection

Meaning of Zaina

Zaina comes from the name of one of the oldest bridges in Kashmir called Zaina Kadal, on river Jhelum. The area around it became a market for Kashmiri handicrafts and to us it means a bridge between the Kashmiri artisan stories and the rest of the world.

Zaina also means beauty –invoking the natural wonder of the valley of Kashmir. Every artisan gets their inspiration from it to give their work a unique depth.

Our Purpose

Our endeavor is to bring unique and high-quality craftsmanship from Kashmir directly to you. Each product or artefact is painstakingly handcrafted using age old techniques and traditions that come straight from the Kashmiri artisans’ heart. With this initiative, we aim to not only revive their craft but also provide them new livelihood opportunities to reach global markets.

Bringing you a little piece of Kashmir

With each of our products we bring the paradise that is Kashmir, closer to you. It's ethereal beauty, vibrant nature in its mountains, lakes, gardens, flowers and birds comes to you in our games, boxes, trays, home accessories and so much more.


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