A Suitcase Full of Joy

It’s a familiar scenario – you are preparing to pack for a holiday – making lists of things to carry, what should be in your suitcase, in your check-in bag, or in your handbag. And the one thing that you most look forward to is buying gifts for family and friends who you will see during your vacations. Whether you are travelling abroad or coming from abroad back home for your vacation – it’s a given that gifts – large or small are always a lovely way to greet loved ones who you’ve not seen in a bit.

Choosing Meaningful Gifts

It’s important to pick gifts that your family and friends will appreciate, that are personal, precious and gorgeous. The gift must speak to them – that it came from your heart, you put some thought into it, and most importantly, it has meaning in it.

Pure Kashmiri Pashmina - Handcrafted to perfection

This is where Zaina by CtoK’s handcrafted delights come into play. Take our hand-woven Pashmina garments from Kashmir for instance. Authentic pashmina, woven on a traditional mechanical wooden loom, hand-embroidered with motifs that are classy, and elegant and give the garment a priceless look, these make the perfect gift for both ladies and gentlemen, young or old. Your loved ones will surely be ecstatic to receive such a precious gift of love.
 Handwoven pashmina

A Weighty Matter

The best part about Pashmina garments is that if they are made of authentic Pashmina yarn from the Chanthangi mountain goats from the slopes of Ladakh, they are light as a feather. Each yarn is thinner than human hair, the garment made from it, is super light and delicate, and at the same time warm as a cocoon. This means that your suitcase need not weigh a ton if you fill it with gifts that are Pashmina garments.

Lightweight pashmina
Striking Cushion Covers in Vivid Colours

Talking of gifts that you can carry in your suitcase that are sure to wow your loved ones, how about our Kashmiri chain stitch hand embroidered cushion covers? With stunning floral motifs hand-embroidered in multifarious coloured silk threads, these cushion covers have the ability to simply pick up the décor of any living space. With motifs inspired by all the wonderful nature that Kashmir boasts of, like the radiant flowers blooming in their famous baags or gardens, these bright, vibrant cushions strewn around give your home a picture-perfect facelift.

Hand embroidered chainstitch cushion covers

These cushion covers make fantastic gifts especially if your loved ones live in countries where there are grey overcast winters. They provide a pop of colour in otherwise neutral coloured décor. What’s more - a set of six cushion covers easily fits in your suitcase without the hassle of worrying about breakages or spillages.

Buy Gifts from Zaina by CtoK – Online

It’s now so easy to prepare for your trip away – choose the gifts you would like to take with you and just place your order online on www.zainabyctok.com and wait for the package to be delivered to your doorstep. Then all that’s left to do is to pack it in and get ready for the holiday!

This time make sure that among your other pieces of luggage, your suitcase full of joy goes with you as well.


Written for Zaina by Supriya Subramanian

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