Home Accents – Photo frames for our best memories

One of the most noticeable decorative items in our homes are photographs on display. Filled with the faces of our loved ones or joyful moments with them, photos on display really change the look of a home. Our guests are immediately drawn to our photographs when they are in our home. Now. if we can add some gorgeous photo frames to show off our pictures, wouldn’t it be like icing on the cake?

These photo frames act as our home accents – enhancing the look of our décor and giving a little insight into our personality, our lives and our families with the photos in them. Specially chosen photo frames are also our style statements. And so, it is a good idea to put some thought into which photo frames should adorn the walls of our home.

 Kashmiri Photo Frames – Why are they special?

At ZainabyCtoK, we bring you some beautiful, Kashmiri handcrafted photo frames to display your beautiful memories. These photo frames are made using budloo wood or West Himalayan Silver Fir. These are then decorated either using the same methods as for papier mache products. The kind of decoration, which involves hand painting on the surface is called naqqashi and is done by talented artisans.

The design is first traced onto the photo frame and then painted over, using non-toxic paints. The relief work is tackled next with a mixture of resin and fine brick powder. Once this adheres to the surface and dries completely, it gets an additional layer of paint and a coat of varnish. 

This detailed and careful work by the artisans for every single frame produced is what makes it so unique and special.

 Designer Photo Frames

The motif for each range of photo frames has been created by a designer inspired by something quintessentially Kashmir. For example, our Rajbagh collection has been influenced by the twigs and leaves collected from the Rajbagh area in Srinagar. The twigs and leaves are created on the frame using the relief method or the raised 3D technique.

Our Fence in my Garden collection uses the flower motif, in this case, a pretty little rose, common to many Kashmiri handicraft products but also a stark fence painted using the relief method or the raised 3D technique.

 A Size to Suit Every Picture

Our photo frames have been created in different sizes. We have the small photo frames in size 2” by 2”. There is the medium photo frame in size 4.5” by 4.5”. And then the large phot frame in size 10” by 10”. So you can sure that there is a size that suits your exact needs. All three sizes can be used as tabletop photo frames or wall hanging photo frames.

Kashmiri photo frames - a great gifting idea

Stuck for a thoughtful present for a loved one? Looking for a souvenir to gift to your friends and family abroad? Look no further than our beautifully designed and carefully handcrafted Kashmiri photo frames. It’s the one gift that no one can help but covet.

Buy Kashmiri Photo frames online

With just a few clicks, it is so easy to buy our Kashmiri photo frames online in India or abroad in any size that you prefer – small, medium or large. Transform the character of your living space today with our elegant and eye-catching handcrafted Kashmir photo frames.

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