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When we think about men’s accessories, especially for cold and frosty winters we wish for some elegant options and not wait for winter to get over before men can dress well again. At ZainabyCtoK, we bring ultra-stylish pure Kashmiri pashmina scarves specially created keeping men in mind. Made with the finest grade of cashmere wool collected from a special species of mountain goats in Ladakh, each pashmina scarf by ZainabyCtoK represents a source of warmth and elan. 

What makes Kashmiri Pashmina Men’s Scarves the best?

Multi-hued style

All our scarves are crafted using pure pashmina wool that is dyed in understated colours. Some examples are beige, white, black, cinnamon, crystal blue, walnut, grey, ivory and many more gorgeous colours to choose from. The whole colour palette of our Pashmina scarves for gents is earthy and sophisticated, chosen particularly to go with any outfit you wish to pair it with.  

Hand-woven and handcrafted

Our collection of Kashmiri pashmina scarves for men is handwoven using a traditional wooden loom. The reason for using a manual weaving process is due to the delicate and fragile nature of the pashmina wool. A mechanized loom cannot be used for weaving a pashmina scarf. 

The weaving is done using a variety of coloured threads such that a pattern emerges. Some types of patterns are:

Classic weave Pashmina Men’s Scarves

The classic pashmina shawls could have a sort of a pattern – like a gently striped midsection with few contrasting colours and a thick solid border on the two ends. Some of the colours used in these scarves are walnut or champagne or crystal blue.

Stripes, checks and the lot in Pashmina Scarves for Men

Pashmina scarves for men can be woven with a global pattern – like a herringbone design or bold stripes or contrasting checks that run through the whole shawl. These could be multi-coloured with contrasting coloured threads, like ivory and black, or cobalt blue and beige. Some scarves can also be quite subtle with a self pattern - for example, a natural coloured pashmina shawl with a self-pattern of the same coloured thread. This makes for an understated elegance that can be paired with formal wear as well as semi-formal wear. 

Pashmina men’s scarves with Ikat pattern 

Pashmina scarves for men can also be woven with the ikat pattern. These are like classic pashmina scarves in colours like cinnamon or almond – they pair well with all types of ensembles and can be worn for any occasion or even no particular occasion.

Pashmina scarves - the best gift for your loved ones

Much appreciated and sought after, pashmina scarves make a great gift for your friends and family. And if you are travelling abroad to see them or you have them visiting you, nothing is more precious than the gift of pashmina. 

 Buy Pure Pashmina Scarves for men online at ZainabyCtoK

It’s now really easy to buy pure pashmina scarves for men online in India and abroad. 

Gorgeous, classy and elegant pashmina scarves for men are now just a click away. Browse through the whole range of 100 per cent pure pashmina scarves on www.zainabyctok.com  and pick your favourites. We guarantee that you’ll get pashmina scarves for men of the finest quality. The size of each scarf is 180 cm * 40 cm.  Our Kashmiri Pashmina scarves for men are priced at INR 7800. 

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