Charbagh Ludo – A Kashmiri take on a popular board game

We’ve all played Ludo as children and sometimes even as adults. Nothing like a board game to liven up a party or a get together with friends. But at ZainabyCtoK, we’ve worked with some talented papier mache artisans to create something special out of the regular ludo. 

A Kashmiri Ludo Game With a Difference

The Charbagh Ludo is created with papier mache and hand-painted by a naqashi artisan using non-toxic colours. It is named after the architecture of the famous Shalimar gardens in Kashmir. Also called Charbagh gardens, the garden is divided into four squares for the different categories of people who would sit there, and so is this Kashmiri ludo game.  

The motif in each of the squares have been inspired by the four flowerbeds in the garden - each with different flowers native to Kashmir – poppies, irises, daffodils, and roses. 

Who wins the Kashmiri Ludo Game?

The black pavilion in the center with a pond, lotuses, fountains, and pathways around it, was reserved for the royals. In the game, the one who covers all grounds and reaches the king’s pavilion in the center is the winner of this board game. 

Charbagh Ludo – A Kashmiri Ludo Game That’s a Collector’s Item

Evocative of the ethereal beauty of Kashmir, each element in this exclusive ludo has been carefully hand painted by the traditional papier mache naqashi artists of Kashmir. The board with its flower beds and central pavilion as well as the exquisite little die in which each side has pretty little flowers to indicate how much you drew in your turn. 

Even, the elegant box cover design is inspired by the Mihrab, an arched niche on the inside wall of a mosque. 

Although it is designed to be a board game, the Charbagh Ludo is a uniquely exclusive piece of Kashmiri art. A must have from Kashmir!

The Kashmiri Ludo Game that makes a great gift

No more searching for an exclusive item that also makes a wonderful gift – be it for making the right impression or conveying how special someone is to you. The Charbagh Ludo is the best gift to choose from – handcrafted carefully and made mindfully, it’s truly the most thoughtful gift choice.

Buy Kashmiri Ludo Game online in India and abroad

It’s time to get on to and order your own Kashmiri Ludo Game – be it for displaying this work of art or playing a fun game with your family or friends or as a gift for someone special. It comes in three sizes: 

Small – 7” by 7” 

Medium – 9” by 9” 

Large – 12” by 12” 

 With just a few clicks, you can place your order and have your Kashmiri Ludo game delivered to your doorstep. We deliver anywhere in India and abroad.

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