Among all the accessories women wear, a stole is one of the few that takes up a lot of attention, adds immensely to her ensemble and gives a character to her look. The fact that it can be worn several ways is one of the best things about a stole – and it makes it a versatile accessory. Is it any wonder that every woman you know has a range of stoles in her wardrobe for all occasions? 

Even among stoles, the best are undoubtedly Kashmiri pure pashmina stoles. Made with the finest cashmere wool which is collected from a particular species of mountain goats in Ladakh called Chanthangi goats, zaina by ctok’s pashmina stoles are one of the warmest and most elegant garments that you can own. Due to the delicate nature of the wool, pashmina stoles are woven using traditional wooden looms that are worked mechanically. 

Types of Kashmiri Pashmina Stoles

There are two main types of work done on a pashmina stole.

The first type is where the design is woven into the fabric using different coloured threads.

And the second type is where a solid-coloured stole is first created and then the motif is hand-embroidered on it.

Artisans take weeks and sometimes months to complete each ZainabyCtoK original and pure pashmina stole. 

Hand-Woven Pashmina Stoles at ZainabyCtoK

Handwoven pashmina stoles are woven with design elements created using threads of different colours. The patterns could be stripes – bold stripes, pinstripes or multi-coloured stripes in contrasting backgrounds. There are also Ikat prints that are woven as a pattern in the midsection of a stole with wide solid borders at the two ends of the stole. 

Another interesting and unique pattern in pashmina stoles is the reversible shimmer stoles. These are woven in such a way that one side shimmers with gold or copper or silver – this could be worn on formal and festive occasions with a dressy outfit. The other side is elegantly understated in natural, beige, cream, black and other such colours. This can be paired with everyday attire or work outfits. Or wear them for your lunch with friends or cocktails with colleagues.

Hand-Embroidered Pashmina Stoles – a ZainabyCtoK Special

Sozni embroidery is one of the exquisite types of embroidery that is done on a pashmina. Floral motifs, paisley patterns or creeper borders are some of the common and more popular types of embroidery. The hand work is fine and skillful and the finish is precise. This type of embroidery work is called do-rukha (two sides) colloquially. 

Tilla or Zari embroidery is another popular type of work on a Pashmina stole. This delicate and beautiful hand-embroidery is done using silver or golden threads. Like Sozni, these stoles are also do-rukha or two sided where both sides of the stoles look identical. 

How To Wear Sozni Embroidered Pashmina?

These stoles can be paired with both western as well as traditional outfits since the look is quite contemporary. Pashmina garments keep you warm in the cold weather, but most importantly they add a panache to your look. It’s so simple to look so stylish. 

How To Wear Zari Embroidered Pashmina

These gorgeous garments are so much dressier and make an excellent choice for formal occasions. They can be perfectly paired with your festive outfits or – be they traditional or western. The exclusive nature of these zari embroidered garments make them your must have for every celebration.  

Kashmiri Pashmina Stole – A Great Gift For Your Loved Ones

Choose the best gift for your loved ones from our range of handcrafted pashmina stoles. No second thoughts about these as they are sure to delight anyone lucky enough to receive them. A special gift for that someone special - your mother, father, wife, husband, daughter, daughter-in-law or niece for that special occasion. 

Buy Kashmiri Pashmina Stoles Online

It’s now simple to buy Kashmiri Pashmina stoles online in India or abroad. A complete range of gorgeous stoles are available on www.zainabyctok.com straight from the artisans’ workshop. In just a few clicks, you get easy access to original Kashmiri pashmina stoles delivered right at your doorstep. 

Hand-crafted and unique, pashmina stoles are indeed a prized possession. A pashmina for every occasion.

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