Liven up your home with Kashmiri Silk Cushion covers

Among the best ways to give life and colour to a room in your living space is to spread a  burst of colour in it with Kashmiri silk cushion covers. These silk cushion covers are hand-embroidered using delicate silk threads on a mill-dyed cotton yarn called dasoot. 

Kashmiri silk cushion covers - a must-have in your home

A cut above the rest, Kashmiri silk cushion covers truly liven up your home. So what makes these cushion covers so exquisite to look at?

Colours in all their vibrant splendour

The colours of the silk threads are naturally bright and give a shiny finish to the cushion cover once the surface is covered by the motif. The vibrancy of a Kashmiri silk cushion cover is unmatched. This makes them a perfect complement to any solid-coloured furniture or accessories you have in your room. 

The Depth of Detail in silk cushion covers

The motifs created by silk threads use up more stitches per square meter of embroidery than other thread materials. This gives them an extra depth of detail. If there’s a floral motif, the embroidered flowers look really three-dimensional. However, it also means that each silk cushion cover takes longer to make. 

The embroidery in Kashmiri Silk cushion covers

Sometimes, a silk cushion cover can have as many as 100,000 stitches made by hand using fine silk threads. Talented Kashmiri artisans use chain stitches to fill the entire cushion cover with a background colour and a central motif. There are two types of motifs made on these cushion covers. 

Floral motifs

All Kashmiri artisans are inspired by the beautiful flora of Kashmir like the rose and the poppy. Occupying a large amount of space in the cushion cover, these large embroidered flowers look bold and dramatic and stand out uniquely in your home decor. 

Geometric motifs

Contemporary homes sometimes demand modern motifs and so geometric patterns like vivid striations and triangular tangram shapes are also embroidered in the Kashmiri silk cushion covers. 

Kashmiri hand-embroidered silk cushion covers - unique and exclusive

Silk threads are famously difficult to work with – they are more elastic, less easy to make into balls for ease of use while embroidering and it’s difficult to cut them close once a part of the embroidery is completed. And so, the artisans working with them to create the beautiful motifs need to be very skilled. This is why when each silk cushion cover is so exclusive. 

So why not begin your journey to transform your home with just a few small changes? Hand embroidered silk cushion covers adorning your sofa or your living space is just the thing that makes a great start. 

And what’s more? It is now easy to choose and buy Kashmiri silk cushion covers online in India and abroad. With just a few clicks on this website, you can complete your order and soon change the look of your home in the most beautiful way possible. 

All pure silk cushion covers come in two standard sizes – 12” by 12” and 16” by 16”. Hand made products normally may show some variation due to the nature of their creation.

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