CUSHION COVERS - The Best Way To Make a Big Difference

Why Cushions?

When we begin picking furniture for our new home or want to add character to our existing home décor, an inexpensive and easy method is to use some colourful cushions on neutral coloured furniture. Not only does the room brighten up instantly, but the cushions also give an added comfort to your seating arrangements.  The look of the entire room livens up immeasurably when colourful cushions are arranged skillfully. 

Types of Cushion Covers

Among the best in class are the most beautiful Kashmiri cushion covers. These are hand-embroidered by skillful Kashmiri artisans and the intricate detail s in the motifs gives them a depth like nothing else can. Over seven different shades of threads can be used in one floral motif to bring out a truly exquisite look on a cushion cover.

Kashmiri Cushion Covers Come in Two Types

1- Wool Embroidered Cushion CoversHere the thread used for the embroidery is woollen and colours are muted and classy. There is an understated elegance to the cushion cover. 

2- Silk Embroidered Cushion Covers - Here the thread used for embroidery is silk and the colours are more vibrant and bright. There is a sheen to the finished cushion cover. 

The material used to make both these Kashmiri cushion covers is a mill dyed cotton fabric called dasoot.  This could also be mixed with wool to make a slightly warmer version that makes the cushions more comfortable in the cold weather. 

How To Pick The Best For Your Home

First, you begin by assessing the room for which you are planning a new look – maybe it’s your living room or your bedroom or even your den. Which are the colours that stand out at first look? Does your room have a verdant green look – with indoor plants? Or does it have a vibrant look with a brightly coloured sofa? Or does it lean towards the pastel shades with beige curtains and perhaps a cream-coloured couch?

Bold is Beautiful

Big floral patterns go well in a bold verdant room. The indoor plants can add to the charm in combination with a cushion cover embroidered with one big floral motif. 

Complement Those Shades

If one of your furniture pieces is brightly coloured in a solid shade, a cushion cover which has the same or a similar shade in the embroidered motif will really give the room a lovely accent. 

Create a Contrast 

If you have a mostly pastel look, any cushion cover that has bright and vibrant blues and greens or reds and magentas will give it a burst of colour. 

Accessory Match

A super handy tip that we got from is that you could derive the colours of your cushions from the accessories that you have in the room – for example, a painting on the wall or a lamp or a side decorative piece. 

Arrange and Re-Arrange

Another way to give a new look to a room is to re-arrange the way the cushions have been placed. This can give an added lift to a standard room.  

Play around with different colours and patterns to see which fits best in your room. 

Whatever you choose to do, you are one step closer to making your home in your own style and it’s sure to speak your language.

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