RUGS ONLINE INDIA (KASHMIRI EMBROIDERED) – Mini Carpets That Can Transform Your Space

Rugs and carpets add that dash of colour to your home décor that you sometimes need, to brighten up your living space. If your furniture and curtains are solid coloured, a Kashmiri hand embroidered rug or carpet is the floor covering that will give it a new dimension. 

What Is So Special About Kashmiri Woollen Rugs? 

Painstakingly hand embroidered Kashmiri rugs

The little sanctuaries of colour are made by talented Kashmiri artisans who work on a cotton base sometimes for weeks together. Using woollen threads and chain stitches, they create these floral masterpieces that adorn our floors. Each rug can have up to 215,000 hand-made stitches hidden in its magnificent flower patterns. 

A Burst of Colour With Kashmiri Rugs

The patterns are inspired by the gorgeous flowers of Kashmir and just one floor covering in your living space can feel like the gardens of Kashmir have come to home to you.

Kashmiri Carpets Can Double Up As Wall Accent Pieces 

Since they are so picturesque to look at that they make lovely wall hangings as well. Just have them enclosed in a classy frame and hang it up for your room to transform instantly. 

The Multi-Functionality of Kashmiri Rugs

Soft and warm to touch, the smooth embroidery is a sight to behold, giving each floor covering a silky finish. These rugs are not just for decorative purposes but can also make perfect prayer mats or meditation mats. 

Kashmiri Hand-Embroidered Rugs in Your Home

It’s now really easy to buy Kashmiri rugs online in India or abroad. Just take a look at this website and pick the colours that go most with your existing décor. You could even choose the colours and patterns of the rugs as per on your planned décor if you are in the process of finalizing your interiors. 

These beautiful Kashmiri rugs or mini carpets come in two size variants. Based on your available space and requirements, you can a choose a 3ft by 5 ft rug or a 4ft by 6ft rug. 

Kashmiri Rugs and Carpets Prices

Providing design interventions to artisan communities in Kashmir and helping build community is just some of the things we’ve been involved in. It for this reason that we can offer you the best prices on Kashmiri rugs online since we work directly with the artisans in Kashmir. The price range starts from 11000 INR for a completely hand-embroidered rug. 

Wait no longer! Go pick yours and make your home a true heaven of flowers and colours.

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