Walnut Pashmina Scarf For Men - Zaina by CtoKWalnut Pashmina Scarf For Men - Zaina by CtoK
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One of our key offerings at ZainabyCtoK are our gorgeous Pashmina garments. Pashmina is the name given to an exclusive and rare type of cashmere wool that comes from a specific mountain goat called Changthangi goat in the high elevation slopes of Ladakh. Their fine wool is separated, the yarn is hand spun and handwoven on a traditional wooden loom to make Pashmina garments like shawls, stoles and scarves

Types of Pashmina Shawls and Stoles Available Online

Three main types of Pashmina shawls, stoles and scarves are available at ZainabyCtoK - Hand-embroidered, woven and the Kaani weave. 

Hand-Embroidered Shawls Stoles and Scarves

Often, our skilled artisans decorate the pashmina shawls with delicate hand-embroidery. These are so intricately embroidered that it takes artisans anywhere from two to three months to finish the embroidery. 

Sozni embroidery is one of the exquisite types of embroidery that’s popular on a pashmina shawl or stole. The work is so fine and skilful that the motif appears on both sides of the shawl – it’s difficult to make out which is the right side of the shawl. This type of embroidery work is called do-rukha (two sides), colloquially. 

How To Wear Sozni Embroidered Pashmina?

These shawls and stoles can be paired with both western as well as traditional outfits since the look is quite contemporary. Pashmina garments keep you warm in the cold weather, but most importantly they add a dash of elegance to your look. Now, there’s no need to kill your ensemble by wearing ugly sweaters or thick coats. An elegant Pashmina from our collection is all you need to keep you toasty and stylish.  

Tilla embroidery is another popular type of work that we offer on a Pashmina shawl. This delicate and beautiful hand-embroidery is done using silver or golden threads. Like Sozni, these shawls and stoles are also do-rukha or two sided where both sides of the shawl look identical. 

How To Wear Tilla Embroidered Pashmina

Our gorgeous tilla garments are dressier and make an excellent choice for formal occasions. They can be perfectly paired with your formal wear – be they traditional outfits or western suits. The exclusive nature of these tilla embroidered garments makes them your best choice for every special occasion.  

Woven Pashmina Shawls, Stoles and Scarves

Part of our special collection of pure pashminas are woven shawls, stoles and scarves that have a pattern woven using different coloured threads. The woven pattern can be stripes, checks, herringbone or just a border with creepers or flowers. Traditional wooden looms are used to weave all of our pashmina garments and since these are manual and operated by skilled artisans, the weaving process can be very time-consuming. 

Men’s Pashmina Scarves

In our range of woven Pashminas are our stunning men’s Pashmina scarves. These cozy, luxurious eye-catching scarves are just the accessory for men. Pair it with workwear or evening wear, occasion outfits or formal dinners, each of our men’s Pashmina scarves will add oodles of charm and elan to your look. 


This is the most exclusive type of hand-woven Pashmina shawl or stole where the pattern emerges as the garment is woven using threads of different colours. Kaanis are the wooden sticks used as spools by the artisan to weave these wondrous creations. It takes a couple of months for each of our kaani garments to be woven. They are so unique, exquisite and regal that for many families they are a symbol of prestige to be handed down to the next generation as heirlooms. 

Our Pure Kashmiri Pashmina

Among Kashmiri shawls, Pashmina is considered most precious and unique. At ZainabyCtoK, we offer you only pure Kashmiri Pashmina garments from authentic sources. There are some features that are unique to Pashmina – that tell you without a shadow of a doubt that you are looking at an original Pashmina garment. 

Light As a Feather 

The pashmina wool is fine and thin – with a width of just about 13-19 microns (1/1000th of mm). This makes the pashmina garment extremely light for its size. Imagine this - a pashmina shawl made from real pashmina can be as light as 180gms! And a pashmina stole can weigh as little as 95gms! Your perfect travel accessory for all your cold holidays and work travel.

Soft As a Cloud 

The hallmark of our pashmina garment is that it is ultra-soft and feels like you’re wearing a cloud. Despite being so delicate, it is very warm and cozy to wrap yourself in on a cold winter’s day.  

Pure Pashmina prices 

Our Pashmina garments come in three sizes. Each Pashmina Shawl is 200cm by 100 cm. The price range begins from INR 20,000. Pashmina Stoles are 200cm by 70cm and are priced starting INR 10,000. And each Pashmina men’s scarf is 180cm by 40cm and is priced starting INR 7,800.

Buy Pashmina Online in India and Abroad 

Now it’s so easy to buy pure Pashmina shawls, stoles and scarves online on our website with just a few clicks. The most exclusive pieces have been curated just for you directly from Kashmiri artisans. 

We guarantee that when you buy Pashmina garments from us, you get the original Kashmiri Pashmina - the most exquisite, gorgeous pieces that bring elegance and style to your look and outfit and become your favourite accessories forever. 

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