Zaina by CtoK brings you a collection of pure and genuine pashmina shawls. Our pashmina shawls are made with the finest grade of cashmere wool.It is often said that original pashmina shawls are the warmest among all shawls. 

So why are Kashmiri Pashmina shawls the warmest of them all?

The pashm or the wool on our pashmina shawls comes from a specific mountain goat called Changthangi goat in the high elevation slopes of Ladakh. The temperatures on the slopes reach minus 35 degrees centigrade and the mountain goat protects itself with a layer of warm wool. This wool is shed at the start of the spring which is collected and separated to make pashmina yarn. The delicate yarn is then woven using a traditional wooden loom to make a soft, fine and light weight pashmina shawl that is truly cozy.

Types of Pure Pashmina Shawls

At ZainabyCtoK we offer some splendid pashmina shawls of various types. They vary according to how the patterns and designs are created. 

-Hand-Embroidered Pashmina Shawls 

Talented artisans at ZainabyCtoK hand-embroider the pashmina shawls using different types of threads. In Sozni embroidery, they are embroidered with different coloured threads. Traditional floral patterns like paisley or chinar or intricate chakras adorn these shawls. Sometimes, only an understated border is embroidered on a shawl – this gives the shawl an unmatched elegant look. You can pair our pure pashmina shawls with traditional wear as well as western wear. Our sozni embroidered pashmina shawls are sure to take your style quotient all the way up. 

In Zaina by CtoK’s collection of Tilla embroidered pashmina shawls you can see the work done using gold and silver threads. These are the dressier types of pashmina shawls and look best on occasions with formal traditional wear. Feel royal when you accessorize with a Tilla embroidered pashmina shawl from ZainabyCtoK.

-Woven Pashmina Shawls

An exquisite type of woven pattern on our shawls is the reversible pashmina shawl where one side of the shawl is woven in a colour and the opposite side in a completely different tone. For example – gold and natural, black and copper etc. Depending on your outfit, you can choose which side to wear on the outside. 

-Kaani Pashmina Shawls

These are woven using kaanis – which are wooden spools used to weave an exquisite pattern along with the shawl. The kaani weave makes one of the most exclusive shawls in the world as artisans work on these intricate designs for months to make the Pashmina shawls stunningly beautiful. They are indeed the best pashmina shawls.

Buy Kashmiri Pashmina Shawl Online

It’s no longer difficult to buy an original Kashmiri Pashmina shawl. At ZainabyCtoK, we work with several artisans in Kashmir who painstakingly hand make the best Pashmina shawls in India. Therefore, we have a whole range available on our website. 

The size of a pashmina shawl is a luxurious 200cm * 100 cm – so it covers you well and keeps you warm. With this as your accessory, your outfit doesn’t have to be compromised in any way just so that you can stay warm.

A Kashmiri Pashmina Shawl price starts from INR 20,000 based on the kind of work and details it has. At ZainabyCtoK.com, you’ll be spoilt for choice among the gorgeous authentic pashmina shawls available.

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