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WOOLEN CUSHION COVERS – A Sustainable and Mindful Choice

A great way to breathe new life into your décor or even to plan a fresh new look for your new home is to use colourful cushions spread out in your living space. The best ones to choose are cushions that are covered in Kashmiri wool cushion covers. Though the cloth used to make these cushion covers is made of mill-dyed cotton, the exquisite embroidery is done using wool threads. Sometimes, some wool is also mixed in the cotton to make a slightly warmer cloth suitable for the cold weather. 

How do these Kashmiri wool cushion covers make a difference to your home?

- Classy colours – The woollen thread absorbs a lot of colour during the dyeing process. This gives the embroidery a deeper and richer look. The colours, though varied, are a little muted and so look classy and have an understated elegance that is hard to replicate. 

- Striking motif – Each wool cushion cover is embroidered with large flower motifs that are eye-catching and simply gorgeous. The Kashmiri artisans are always inspired by the flowers that they see around them – the valley is known for its natural beauty and flower gardens. Some of these are seen in the main motif in these Kashmiri woollen cushion covers – like nargis, lily, gallardia, rose and hollycock. 

Being sustainable and mindful with Kashmiri woollen cushion covers

In this age of warp speed and instant gratification, choosing to buy Kashmiri woollen cushion covers is a sustainable and thoughtful choice. It considers the processes and resources required to make better-quality cushion covers that will last for longer and values fair treatment of the people as well as the planet. What makes woollen cushion covers sustainable?

Durability of Kashmiri woollen cushion covers

When you buy woollen cushion covers, you get beauty that lasts. Each Kashmiri woollen cushion cover is four times as durable as any other cushion. The embroidery is strong, the knots are in place and one can use the cushions for several years without any wear and tear. 

Hand-embroidered chain stitches in each cushion cover

Each of the 100,000 stitches or so that you see in every gorgeous Kashmiri woollen cushion cover is made by hand by talented artisans. They use a special hook called aari to create thousands of chain stitches that reveal bold and beautiful motifs. Sometimes, it can take weeks to complete one cushion cover. 

Modern conveniences of easy accessibility

Though these stunning pieces are made in their native Kashmir, we make these décor game-changers available to you directly from the artisan. No more searching for them in fairs and exhibitions – we have brought them to your doorstep. It’s also how we create sustainable livelihoods for Kashmiri artisans and support their communities and craft. 

Kashmiri cushion cover price in India 

It is now easily possible to buy Kashmiri woollen cushion covers online in India or abroad. So why not start re-decorating right away? Buy the finest quality woollen cushion covers at the best prices with just a few clicks on our website. Kashmiri woollen cushion covers are available in sizes 12” by 12” and 16” by 16”.

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