KASHMIRI NAMDA RUGS – A Patchwork of Beauty!

Kashmiri Namda rugs are non-woven rugs developed by highly skilled artisans in Kashmir using the felting technique. These floor coverings are primarily made of pure sheep wool, as wool has a natural property to felt.

Unique to Kashmir, the process by which Namda rugs are created, called the felting process is an arduous one. Layers of evenly laid, clean wool fibres are enmeshed with the help of moisture, soap and mechanical pressure and rolled up against a jute mat. This is moved in a back-and-forth motion and tied up to squeeze out the excess moisture. Hours of rolling makes the rug sturdy enough to be used as a floor covering. 

These Namda rugs feel warm under your feet in the freezing cold winters. 

The Traditional Craft That’s Relevant Even Today

Though a traditional craft, at ZainabyCtoK, we have moulded the Namda’s quintessential beauty to create striking contemporary accessories for modern homes. Carefully segregated sheep wool gives the Namda rugs its base colours – like light grey, cream, dark grey and a combination of these colours. It’s the motifs on the rugs that make a difference in how they look. These are some examples of the motifs.

Patchwork motifs on Kashmiri Namda Rugs

The motif design on these patchwork rugs has been inspired by the decorations on the ceiling of Dastgeer Sahib, a Sufi shrine in Srinagar. These motifs are made using diamond patches that resemble the coloured glass pieces on the beautiful ceiling of the shrine. The same patches make up our other trendy designs like rubix cube or cuboid that are made with patches in various shades of grey, white and black plus a tiny splash of red, or a border motif made with grey patches and so on.

Ari Embroidered Motifs on Kashmiri Namda Rugs

Another great way to create a striking living room accessory using Namda is to decorate it using aari hand-embroidery. Some recurring motifs in any Kashmiri craft are the flowers that are native to Kashmir. One example would be the pretty little tulip that featured in several Mughal paintings of yore. Here they have been hand embroidered on the Namda rug using Aari embroidery. 

Buy Kashmiri Namda Rugs Online 

It’s easy to buy Kashmiri Namda rugs now in India and abroad in just a few clicks. Just explore the unique desgins on our website and choose your favourite Namda rugs from a range of gorgeous designs. Your prized accessories will be delivered to your doorstep in just a few days.  

Our Kashmiri Namda rugs are available in three sizes in the rectangular shape: 

- 4ft by 6 ft 

- 3ft by 4 ft

- 2ft by 3 ft

We also have a unique and exclusive circular Kashmiri Namda rug with a diameter of 4ft.

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