Laptop sleeves by ZainabyCtoK– beautifying and protecting your devices

Over the last decade, every one of us has become so device-driven that we each possess at least a few personal pieces of technology. Be they laptops or tablets or phones or wearables, technology has become an indispensable part of our lives. And with that comes our need to keep our devices protected. How often have we wished for cases that can take wear and tear and are yet not ugly, hard or plasticky?

ZainabyCtoK brings an eye-catching solution – Hand-crafted laptop sleeves

Our range of laptop sleeves is handcrafted by the artisans of Kashmir, created uniquely, by the designer for a contemporary world. 

Special features that make our laptop sleeves a must-have

Safe and protected - with the use of durable materials

Made using mill-dyed canvas with a synthetic suede lining and all-around piping, these sleeves have two layers of foam cushioning to keep your devices protected and safe. A magnetic button closure helps keep the laptop snug inside the sleeve. 

Handcrafted beauty in varied colours

The sleeve is stitched by a master tailor and is hand-embroidered using Kashmiri aari embroidery. Like several traditional arts of Kashmir, the main motif has been inspired by the flowers of Kashmir. But they have been given a modern take by the designer.  The layout of the flowers is quite different from the usual designs. The choice of colours – both for the sleeve and the embroidery is unique. There are laptop sleeves in bright, vibrant colours as well as understated muted tones for formal occasions. The embroidery could be with a classy tone-on-tone choice of threads as well as contrasting shades of threads. 

Multiple uses of the ZainabyCtoK laptop sleeve

Apart from the fact that this laptop sleeve is an elegant way to store and protect your laptops, it can be used to keep your important documents in one place. No more papers spread here and there just before an important meeting. Keep them all in one place and find them instantly. 

Buy ZainabyCtoK laptop sleeves online

With just a few clicks, you can choose not one but several laptop sleeves for yourself. Colour co-ordinate with your outfit or the occasion – there’s a whole range of stunning sleeves available online in India and abroad. 

These also make a great gift for your loved ones. 

ZainabyCtoK laptop sleeves are available in these sizes to fit any of your laptops comfortably: 

13.5" x 10" (for 13" Laptops)
15.5" x 11" (for 15" Laptops)

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