Zaina by CtoK is a social enterprise that aims to provide sustainable livelihoods, pride and an identity to our artisans from Kashmir by bringing their creations to a platform accessible by all. We believe that our communities of artisans, men and women, deserve economic opportunities, and we aim to keep alive the rich tradition of their craftsmanship in a rapidly changing urban market.

At Commitment to Kashmir (CtoK), we’ve worked in the Valley since 2011. Our consistent efforts have resulted in a series of designs interventions re-interpreting the 600 year old crafts to give them a touch of the contemporary

The artisans we work with are skilled in a variety of crafts - papier mache, namda, carpet weaving, pashmina &kaani weaving, walnut wood, wicker, crewel & chain stitch, ari, sozni and tilla embroideries. Our collections include home décor, games, lighting, dining accessories, bags, home furnishings, garments, and jewelry.