Entertain in Style with Kashmiri dining and serving accessories

Dining and serving accessories are a great way to add character to your living spaces. When our friends are over for a coffee or a meal, a thoughtfully chosen dining accessory that is beautiful as well as sustainable makes a great impression. It is your very own style statement. 

Kashmiri Papier Mache 

One of the most popular and traditional Kashmiri handicraft is the creation of papier mache utility accessories. The technique of sculpting these accessories, hand painting them using non-toxic paints and adding several coats of varnish for finishing is now used on specific types of wood as well. This requires superior craftsmanship of a talented naqqashi artisan. 

Kashmiri Walnut Wood 

Another quintessential Kashmiri craft is walnut wood carving which is used in the creation of home decor accessories and furniture. Due to Kashmir’s unique geographical location, walnut trees naturally thrive in this region. The wood from these trees is used to create utility items for our homes. 

At Zaina by CtoK, we have harnessed the beauty of these crafts to bring you some exclusive dining and serving accessories that are practical but stunning to look at too, sturdy but elegant, and not to mention are the perfect conversation starters. 

Kashmiri Dining Trays

Our collections of dining trays include those made using Budloo wood or West Himalayan Silver Fir and hand-painted using relief method or raised 3D technique. Some are made with mdf and hand painted in unique colours. Some of the motifs in these collections are inspired by twigs and leaves collected from the Rajbagh area in Srinagar. Some motifs draw from the flowers native to Kashmir like the rose or the poppy or even wild flowers and grass from the parks and gardens of Kashmir. 

Kashmiri Tray Sets and Box Tray Sets

Among our range of dining and serving accessories are a couple of unique products.  A set of four trays made of mdf which consists of one large tray and three smaller ones fitting exactly in it. A similar set consists of one large tray and three boxes fitting exactly in it. 

Inspired by the Kashmiri tradition of exchanging dry fruits on special occasions, this tray set has been created in a striking colour palette. The main motif is the poppy flower that is native to Kashmir.  

Kashmiri Walnut Wood Cheese Platter and Cake Stand

A cheese platter that doubles as a cutting board, and a Cake Stand for those wonderful celebrations at home, these Kashmiri Walnut Wood products are made with adequately seasoned wood so that there’s no warping with time. Intricate yet understated carving using the wood turning technique, gives it an elegant look and a detailed finishing process makes sure that it is completely food safe. 

Accessories that are practical, sustainable yet contemporary

The beauty of these trays and walnut wood products belies their strong and practical nature. They are fully functional accessories yet so exquisite to look at that they always draw the attention of your guests. Handcrafted patiently using sustainable materials, these accessories manage to give a contemporary look to your home.  

Kashmiri dining and serving accessories – a unique gift idea

Our creatively designed and painstakingly handcrafted Kashmiri dining and serving accessories – papier mache trays and box tray sets, walnut wood cheese platters and cake stands are the best gifts for your loved ones. Whether you're looking for wedding gift ideas or searching for beautiful house warming presents, our unique cheese board and trays will make a wonderful present for any occasion

If you have friends and family abroad, they will love to own one or more of these uniquely Kashmiri handcrafted, gorgeous dining and serving accessories. 

Buy Kashmiri dining and serving accessories online

With just a few clicks, it is so easy to buy our Kashmiri trays, box tray sets, cheese platters or cake stands in India or abroad. Liven up your dining room with these stunning, handmade utility creations.

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