Kashmiri hand-embroidered cushion covers

Small accessories that make a big difference

It’s not always easy to change the décor of your home. Buying new sofas or even sofa covers, changing your curtains and so on are big projects that are not always easy to carry out on a whim. But what can you effortlessly do to change the look of your room? Add a splash of colour by placing hand-embroidered cushion covers at strategic spots, of course!

Kashmir is known for its gardens and all the various flowers that grow there like nargis, poppy, rose, hollyhock, lily, pansy etc. Inspired by their beauty, the talented artisans of the valley often use these in gorgeous flower motifs in all the crafts they create. And so, our Kashmiri chain stitch hand-embroidered cushion covers have beautiful, bold floral patterns – that add a dash of surprise to your decor. 

Types of hand-embroidered cushion covers

It’s true that among the best in class are the radiant Kashmiri hand-embroidered cushion covers. These are crafted by skillful artisans with intricate details in the motifs that gives them a depth like nothing else can. Over seven different shades of threads can be used in one floral motif to bring out a truly exquisite look on a cushion cover.

There are two types of Kashmiri hand-embroidered cushion covers: 

Wool embroidered cushion covers 

Here the thread used for the embroidery is woolen and colours are muted and classy. The cushions are embroidered using chain stitches. The designs on the cushion cover can be floral – a bunch of flowers with leaves or one large flower taking center stage. Some cushions have geometric patterns as well. There is an understated elegance to the cushion cover.

Silk embroidered cushion covers 

Here the thread used for embroidery is silk and the colours are more vibrant and brighter. Silk cushion cover designs can be floral as well – big and bright flowers in various colours, sometimes just one flower surrounded by a contrasting background coloured. There is a sheen to the finished cushion cover.  

The material used to make both these Kashmiri cushion covers is a mill dyed cotton fabric called dasoot.  This could also be mixed with wool to make a slightly warmer version that makes the cushions more comfortable in cold weather. 

Hand-embroidered cushion covers – a great gift for your loved ones

Mindfully handcrafted gifts are just the thing these days and everyone loves a thoughtful gift. Your loved ones will surely appreciate the gift of these eye-popping hand-embroidered cushion covers and ask for more. 

Buy Kashmiri hand-embroidered cushion covers online

It’s now really easy to buy Kashmiri hand-embroidered cushion covers online in India or abroad. No need to go searching for fairs or exhibitions or travel long distances to buy these beauties. Just a few clicks on www.zainabyctok.com and you can have them delivered to you at your doorstep. 

Kashmiri hand-embroidered cushion covers come in two sizes – 

12 inches * 12 inches which are priced at INR 950.

16 inches * 16 inches which are priced at INR 1400.

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