Top ten favourite ways to style your Pashmina by Zaina by CtoK

Kashmir Pashmina shawls and stoles are among the world’s finest quality cashmere garments that are made of rare and scarcely available pashmina yarn. Handspun over weeks and hand-woven over several days, each Kashmir pashmina garment is an exclusive work of beauty. 

At Zaina by CtoK we offer a wide range of authentic pashmina garments from classic plains ones, to those with contemporary weaves and minimal embroidery to give you a modern look, to exquisite and detailed embroidered ones for the regal and exclusive look. 

There are several ways in which you can wear our pashmina shawls, stoles or scarves to accentuate your outfit in the best possible way. Here are some of #ZainabyCtoK’s favourites.


1. Knotless style - Want to let your pashmina stole flow out in all its gorgeousness? This style lets you do exactly that.

Bring the two ends of the stole around your neck and let them hang down in neat folds in two parallel lines. This style when paired with a formal tailored suit works well and gives you a smart semi-formal look. Wear this style to work or formal evenings out - it’s easy and quick, plus it’ll make you stand out effortlessly.

Pashmina - Knotless Style

2. Single knot style - Looking for a simple style with your favourite pashmina scarf? This one may be just what you need. 

Bring the two ends of the stole from around your neck to the front and make a simple knot around your neck. Keep it a little loose for a neat look. This style goes well with western formal wear as well as smart casuals like jeans and a fitted jacket. Wear it for meetings or your outings with colleagues or friends. You’ll be a real class act.

Pashmina - Single Knot Style

3. Folded loop knot style  - Want to feel cosy with your pashmina stole, yet step out with a contemporary look? Try this cool style with your pashmina stole or shawl. 

Join the two ends of the stole or shawl. Place the stole around your neck with the two ends on one side and the folded loop on the other side. Thread the two ends together on one side through the loop on the other and lightly tighten the knot around your neck. This gives an elegant look to your ensemble. Wear it with casual wear or semi-formal workwear. No better way to make a style statement.  

Pashmina - Folded Loop Knot Style

4. Double wrap style - It’s a cold windy day and you want to be sure that you’re nice and warm when you step out. Then try this wrap. 

Place the stole around your neck with the ends hanging down on both sides. Take the two ends and take them around your neck on the opposite side. Thread the short ends through the loop around the neck on each side. A simple yet smart look plus it keeps you cosy. Wear it with casuals and smart casuals - you’ll always be the envy of your friends - the one who is warm as a toast yet chic and elegant.

Pashmina - Double Wrap Style

5. Half-draped style - Today is the day when you want to try something new, something that’ll make your friends heads turn. Then try this style. 

Open out and bring the pashmina stole under your arms to your front and cross the ends over on the opposite side behind your neck. Tie a knot at the nape of your neck to hold the stole in place. This style looks very becoming with contemporary outfits like jeans and jumpers. Create a unique look and be the latest trend. Watch your peers follow.

Pashmina - Half Draped Style

6. Loose knot drape style - Want to show off your gorgeous pashmina and happen to be wearing a casual outfit? This style is just perfect for it. 

Open out the stole and drape it around your shoulders. From the front, take the two ends and tie a loose knot in the middle. This is a casual style most suited for a regular day out. It can be paired with any kind of informal outfit and make you look relaxed and sophisticated.

Pashmina - Loose Knot Drape Style

7. Nape Knot style - You want to try something different with your lovely pashmina stole? A style where more of the fabric is visible? Try this knotty style. 

Open out the stole and bring it around you under your arms. Hold the top two ends together and knot them with a double knot right at the end. Now take this knot over your head and place it at the nape of your neck. This style gives you a casual look for contemporary outfits like jeans, trousers with T-shirts or jumpers.

Pashmina - Loose Knot Drape Style

8. Cosy Cocoon style - So on this cold and blustery day, you want to wear your beautiful yet warm pashmina. You would like to be really warm yet show that you own this lovely garment. This is the simple style for it. 

Open out the shawl drape it around your neck. Hold out the ends with your arms on the front. Make sure that one side is shorter in length than the other. Take this shorter end of the shawl to the opposite side on your front and bring the longer end fully opened out over the shoulder on the other side. This style of wearing a pashmina shawl is traditional but also works to give you maximum warmth on freezing winter days. Goes well with traditional outfits like saris or salwar suits, but can give a nice look to casual clothes as well.

 Pashmina - Cosy Cocoon Style

9. One-sided folded drape style - Aiming for a little formal appearance today? Want your pashmina to make you look smart and so regal? Try this drape.

Fold the pashmina shawl neatly lengthwise. Drape it over one shoulder and use a brooch to hold it steady if you like. You can wear it keeping the front and the back lengths equal or one end longer than the other. Traditional Indian wear like saris and salwar suit get a facelift with a pashmina worn in this style. Ideal for formal occasions like weddings and dinners out.

Pashmina - One-sided folded drape style

10. Front Triangle wrap style -Feeling like you need a bit of a lift today? Try this gorgeous and elegant style that shows off your pashmina in all its glory and yet keeps you warm. 

Wrap the pashmina stole closely around your neck starting with one end. Make a couple of rounds around your neck and when you reach the other end, adjust the length a little by pulling it out on the front. Now open out the pashmina at this end and tuck in the top edge into the layers on the neck leaving a triangle of material on the front. This style goes well with smart casuals and even formal western wear and gives you a chic, sophisticated look. Plus it is sure to keep you cosy on a cold winter’s day.

So what are you waiting for? Head straight to, where you are assured of being able to buy authentic, handcrafted pashmina shawls, stoles. Pick your favourites and use any one of these gorgeous styles to wrap it around you.


Written by Supriya Subramanian for Zaina by CtoK

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