Different Ways To Use Rugs At Home

When we think of room décor, we visualize the furniture in it, the curtains on the windows or the entryway, the wall art that’s been hung in the room, the display pieces placed strategically around the room and so on. However, there’s one more thing that can be used to complete the décor of the room, or even change it completely, contemporize it or bring in a balance of colours. We are talking about rugs.

Picking The Right Rug

Rugs can be the gamechanger in a room just by shifting the balance of the décor. Importantly, it’s possible to use rugs in every room of your home, not just the living room. Before we pick a rug for our room, we need to keep in mind a few critical details.

embroidered chain stitch rug

Size -

In this case, one size doesn’t fit all. Our rug must be of a size that fits in with the space available. The rug should be large enough to cover the area completely. However, it is not desirable to have it too large - such that you need to fold a bit of it or roll it. Sometimes, smaller rugs work so much better if they are for a small part of the room away from all furniture. 

Colours -

Deciding on colours is an important step in choosing the right rug for your room. If you have classy, elegant furniture in earthy tones, a rug in bright colours acts as a great contrast lifting up the room beautifully. Choose a few cushions in one or two colours from the colour palette of the rug and artfully arrange them around the room. It can even be artwork on the wall that reflects some colours in your rug. Makes for a fine colour balance. 

If, on the other hand, your furniture is full of peppy and bright colours, an elegant but muted patterned rug will do the trick. This gives a more contemporary feel to your decor and makes your room look chic and classy.

Colours of the rug

Material -

The choice of the material can be seasonal or dependent on where you use the rug. If it is a hot summer’s day, a cotton base material with hand-embroidered floral patterns would be the most appropriate choice. For a freezing winter’s day, wool hand-felted rugs add that welcome warmth and elegance to your decor. Whether the weather is cold or hot, rugs have their own place in our homes. 

Let’s look at how we can use rugs in each of our rooms and transform our home. 

The Versatility of a Rug

Rugs can be used in several ways in your home - it is so versatile that it fits in with almost any decor. Each part of your house can benefit from a floor rug. Here’s how. 

Accent piece in the living or dining room -

It can be placed in the living room as a part of the décor – for example in front of large windows. This could even be your favourite reading corner. It gives a pop of colour to your room and is the accent piece you were looking for to enhance the look of your room. 

Your dining room can also use a rug just to give the room a welcoming look especially when you have guests over for a meal. 

Just make sure that a couple of colours from your general décor are a part of the rug pattern. This combination gives the room an eye-catching style.

Rugs as accent pieces in the living room

A warm spot in your living room or study

A wool hand-felted rug makes that excellent warm space for you on a cold winter’s day. Classy greys and whites in the rug made by carefully segregated wool give an old-world charm to your room. Your study too can really benefit from a comfortable place to put your feet on while working. The feeling of warmth underfoot is incomparable and makes you forget the stresses of the day.

A warm spot in your living room or study

Play corner in the children’s room -

When you place a colourful rug in your children’s room, it becomes their corner to play in or simply hang out with their friends or even to just read their favourite book. A rug is a cheerful addition to the little ones’ room and can really enhance the atmosphere. And an added advantage? This simple piece of décor makes their otherwise messy room look bright and beautiful.

Your me-space in your bedroom -

When you place it in a corner of your bedroom, possibly near the windows, it’s your cosy nook, your own place to just relax with a cup of tea and your favourite book. An exquisite rug makes all the difference and makes it oh-so comfortable to just lounge around.

Me space in the bedroom

A warm welcome to your home

When placed in the entryway of your home, a rug can make a great first impression on your guests. Welcoming them with a burst of colour and pattern is simply the best thing and it’s bound to surprise them pleasantly.

Rugs on the wall! 

Yes - it’s possible. A colourful patterned or embroidered rug can well be used as a tapestry on your walls. Just frame your favourite rug and hang it up – and see the remarkable transformation of your room. Hand-embroidered Kashmiri chain stitch rugs work best for this kind of display – they are quite like a piece of art that our talented artisans have handcrafted. 

Rugs as artwork on the wall

Kashmiri Rugs Are Some of the Best Rugs in the World

The artisans of Kashmir use their immense talent and skill and handcraft the best quality rugs that look gorgeous. Kashmir has been known for its variety of rugs for the last several centuries. Now, with contemporary design interventions, these rugs have taken centre space in home décor decisions. These are a few gems from our range of rugs on Zaina by CtoK.

Hand-embroidered Kashmiri Chainstitch Rugs-

Inspired by the flora and fauna of Kashmir, these hand embroidered chain stitch rugs have colourful floral patterns. Crafted in bold colours like burgundy, royal blue, ochre, Persian blue, vivid grey, these can have as many as 2,15,000 hand-sewn stitches in every rug. No wonder that sometimes it can take 3 months to complete each rug. These flower-filled rugs make a great tapestry on your wall and bring out the colours of the other elements in your room. They also look exceptional in the living room as a décor element or even the entryway to your home.

Hand embroidered chainstich Kashmiri rugs

Hand-Felted Kashmiri Namda Rugs-

These are wool hand-felted rugs using a traditional Kashmiri technique called Namda. Involving some back-breaking hard work, these rugs involve the manual felting of segregated wool. And to make them even more beautiful – floral patterns and other contemporary patterns are hand-embroidered on them. Warm and comfortable, these are the rugs for you to snuggle on when it’s cold and blustery outside. They make a show stopper in your living room with their grey background and the subtle colour pop with the embroidery.

hand felted Kashmiri namda rugs

It’s obvious that rugs are an essential part of our home décor. With the whole range of a variety of rugs that are at www.ZainabyCtoK.com, be it chain stitch rugs or hand-felted Namda rugs, you can easily pick the choicest of rugs for your home.

So, don’t wait. Add some lovely rugs. This is the best way to transform your home, quickly and effortlessly. 


Written by Supriya Subramanian for Zaina by CtoK

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