Walnut wood serving platter – your own style statement

Entertaining guests at your home? Your décor is stylish and pleasing. Now, what if there were some dining and serving accessories that you could use to add to that elegance? Or maybe you would like to have a casual evening of cocktails with friends. Rustling up something quick to serve would be ideal, wouldn’t it? Like slices of cheese or the choicest of meat cuts. What to serve it in, though?

Kashmiri Walnut Wood Cheese Platter

Made from sustainably sourced wood from the majestic walnut trees that are uniquely found in Kashmir due to their favorable geographical location, these boards take on the very nature of walnut wood – they are hard and durable, they are close-grained and even-textured. This facilitates the fine and detailed carving work done on these boards, to enhance their raw appeal.

With its visually stunning walnut finish, the dark grained serving wood board gives a mix of rustic charm and elegance to your home. You’re sure to impress your friends with a beautiful charcuterie arrangement or with a delicious cheese platter.

Kashmiri Walnut Wood Chopping Board

Another great way to use these beautiful boards is by way of chopping boards. Walnut wood grains prevent your knives from getting blunt and so our boards are gentle on your knives. Extra thick wood makes these boards very stable and also reversible – use any side for your chopping. Plus the boards are so spacious that they’ll fit a variety of chopped ingredients.

Seasoned and Ready to Use

We know you would like to use your new, exquisite serving and chopping board as soon as you lay your hands on it. So we make sure that they are can be held up to the highest food grade standards. Each of our walnut wood serving and chopping boards are pre-treated with mineral oil and beeswax. We recommend that to get the most out of your little treasure, you do the same with any vegetable oil, now and again. 

The perfect gift idea – Kashmiri walnut wood serving board

This elegant serving and cutting board can be a beautiful gift for a housewarming, a wedding, a birthdays, Mother’s and Father’s Day, anniversaries and other family special occasions. Carefully chosen handcrafted presents that look as gorgeous as our walnut wood serving and cutting boards are indeed the best kind of gifts for your loved ones.

Buy Kashmiri walnut wood serving board

With just a few clicks, your very own handcrafted walnut wood board can be with you. Just log on to our website, zainabyctok.com and choose the ones that you love. It’s so easy to buy Kashmiri walnut wood serving and chopping boards online in India and abroad.

Bring elegance to your home and kitchen with our beautiful handcrafted Kashmiri walnut wood boards.

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