Zaina by CtoK

Birds of Kashmir- Papier Mache Memory Game Grey

Rs. 1,550

 A simple memory game consisting of a set of cards in a box. Just put the cards face down and take turns trying to pick out the matching ones. A chance sighting of a paradise flycatcher led the designer and the artisan to develop this version of cards with different birds painted on them.

 This game is made of saaktha or papier mache and and budloo wood or West Himalayan Silver Fir and hand painted by a master craftsperson or naqash.

All Zaina by CtoK products are handcrafted with love from Kashmir. No two products will be exact replicas as variations are natural to the handcrafting process.

Size: 3.5" x 3.5" x 2.5"

Care: Wipe with a slightly moist cloth if necessary.

Shipment: The product will be packed and dispatched from our office within 3-4 working days

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